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Alloy wheel repairs!

Full repair

of damaged rims

What We Do

We offer cost effective repairs to rims whether they are painted or require machining or a combination of repair methods.

Wheelfix PTY LTD

Was established as a solution for customers to repair their damaged rims at a fraction of the cost to replace an entire set.

Most Common

As more OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) supply vehicles with alloy wheels as a selling point the need to repair damaged rims is growing rapidly

Our Customers

Our customers range from the private consumer to insurance customers, dealerships, smash repairers or leasing companies

Why Choose Wheelfix PTY LTD?


In some cases, offering a pickup and drop off service, as well as a finely tuned production model, we are the convenient choice to repair your rims.

Trusted Service Centers are certified for high quality

Our repairs are completed by certified technicians, ensuring that all work is performed to a high-quality standard with all repairs being guaranteed.

Cost Effective

Cost effective solution to repair your machine faced or painted alloy wheels as opposed to replacing an entire set.

Whether you are getting your vehicle ready for sale, or simply sick of seeing gutter rash on your rims, we can complete your repairs in a timely manner at a fraction of the cost.

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service for a seamless experience​